ISSN 2079-410X (Electronic)

ISBN 978-9966-1570-1-0 (Hardcopy)

ISBN 978-9966-1570-0-3 (Case Book)

The African Journal of Business and Management (AJBUMA) was inaugurated during the First African International Business and Management Conference in Nairobi in August 2010. After successfully applying for an ISSN & ISBN , AJBUMA has now been given an ISSN number ISSN 2079-410X and ISBN 978-9966-1570-1-0 & ISBN 978-9966-1570-0-3

Key title: African journal of business and management by the International Standard Serials Number Organization. We believe that this providing the AJBUMA the ISSN and ISBN Number is a show of credibility that AIBUMA is building.

This journal shall provide a high calibre scholarly publication intent on disseminating research on business and government use of various technologies in Africa. The focus of the journal is thus to acquaint a broad audience of readers interested in business and management issues. Therefore, the journal aims at disseminating research whose theoretical foundations are in business, management and technology (especially ICT). This journal shall attempt to archive research about Africa. It is deliberate that the focus of the journal is broad-based, i.e. focusing on business, management and technology in Africa. The intent is to increase the scope of participation by researchers who want to report on Africa. It is also hoped that the focus of the journal will help in unearthing how African economies are coping or transforming within an increasingly knowledge-based society. Possible thematic areas shall revolve around ICT in Public and Business Operations; Management Issues in Africa; Business Education in Africa; ICT Adoption Issues; Services Science in Africa.

Given the focus of the paper on Business, Management and ICT in Africa, it is expected that contributors to the journal will mostly be from Africa's institutions of higher learning, practitioners in Africa, researchers with an interest in research in Africa and others outside the African continent who have had experiences within Africa related to the thematic areas of the journal. The readership will be the African audience (policy makers, academics, practitioners) as well as institutions (multinationals, supra-national organizations), and university libraries with an interest in knowledge about Africa.

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