Conference Proceedings 2011


Conference Theme: "Building Synergies for Better Performance"

  Authors Title Category/Theme
1 Thomas Muchiri

The Consequences Of Mobile Number Portability In Kenya And Its Usage Factors

Innovation and Knowledge management
2 Hemant Katole

A Study Of Problems & Prospects Of Internet Retailing In India

E-Business management
4 Jacinta Maweu

Building Synergies Between Ethical And Business Values For Better Institutional Performance In Africa

Governance and leadership
5 Daniel Huba Opondo , Gonzalve Nshimiyimana and Ute Rietdorf

Managing Networks: An Innovative Service for Promoting Social Capital Among Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A Study Of Medipos Network, Leipzig Germany

7 Kim Musau and Antony Kimotho

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) On Economic Growth And Development In Kenya

Economic integration
9 Eliada Nwosu and Joy Oguntebi Diasporic Synergies: Conceptualizing African entrepreneurial teams based upon trans-continental networks Enterpreneurship
17 Thomas Kangangi Muchiri

Green Supply Chain Implementation: Best Practices and Challenges

Green culture
19 Safoora Rashidi Nejad and Amir Hosein Fazel Bakhsheshi Impact of Project Managers' Personalities on Project Success in Four Types of Project Projects and programs management
20 Dr.Martin Ogutu and Carol Samuel

Strategies Adopted By Multinational Corporations to Cope With Competition in Kenya

International Business management strategies
23 Robert Nyabwanga

Effect of Working Capital Management Practices On Financial Performance: A Study Of Small Scale Enterprises In Kisii South District, Kenya

Best practices in accounting and financial management
24 Simeyo Otieno Effect of Provision of Micro Finance on the Performance of Micro Enterprises: A Study of Youth Micro Enterprises under K-Rep Program, Kisii County, Kenya Best practices in accounting and financial management
25 Madara Ogot Game Theory in Strategic Management Enterpreneurship
26 Ihegazie Sunday Okpara Grappling With the Enduring Challenges of Consumption Complex Syndrome in Nigeria Marketing and commercialization strategies
27 Maryjulie Odinga and Fred Bakkabulindi Staff development programs and job performance of lecturers in Moi University Performance management
30 Charles Anaere Effects of Corruption on Bank Lending: Evidence From Sub-Sahara African Countries Enterpreneurship
31 David Oginde The Influence of Spirituality on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Governance and leadership
33 Ramat Salman Intellectual Capital Reporting in Nigeria: A way forward Best practices in accounting and financial management
34 Gazie Okpara Grappling With The Enduring Challenges Of Consumption Complex Syndrome In Nigeria Marketing and commercialization strategies
35 Grace Wairimu Mureithi and Simion Kipchumba Creating a Learning Organization through Developing a Reading Culture among Employees Change management
36 Dorcas Adebola Babatunde and Mohamad Hisyam Selamat Determining factors influencing information security management in the Nigerian Banking and Insurance Sector: A Literature Review IS Issues
37 Simon Amenya, Cliff Ouko Onsongo, Guyo Huka and Mactosh Onwong'A An Analysis of the Challenges Facing Youth Enterprise Development Fund in Kenya   Projects and programs management
42 Kithae Peter and Dr Gakure Roselyn W Effect of Quality Improvement Practices on Micro and Small Enterprise Performance Quality management issues
43 Dr.Richard Nyangosi , Dr.Samuel N. Nyang'Au and Hellen G. Magusa Managing Banks amid Information and Computer Technology: paradigms in Kenya E-Business management
44 Lucky Ossai-Igwe Esuh and Minai Sobri Mohd Entrepreneur and Self Management Enterpreneurship
45 Balakrishnan Muniapan    The duty and action of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the perspectives of Vedanta Governance and leadership
49 Paul Muturi Kariuki, Zachary Awino and Martin Ogutu Effect Of Firm Level Factors, Firm Strategy, Business Environment On Firm Performance International Business management strategies
50 Simmy Marwa The Rapid Results Initiative : The Missing Loop Performance management
51 Simmy Marwa Where Are East African Business Schools In The Race Towards World Class Status? Quality management issues
54 Fidelis Muia and Fredrick Aila Determinants of growth of firms through mergers and acquisitions: An empirical study at the Nairobi Stock Exchange, Kenya Best practices in accounting and financial management
55 Nassreddine Garoui Cognitive mapping: A tool to develop a definition of concepts: Original Definition of the Stakeholders Meaning Governance and leadership


Jane Kinyua-Njuguna

The role of social marketing strategy in enhancing performance of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) working in HIV and AIDS sector in Nairobi County

Marketing and commercialization strategies


Jane Kinyua-Njuguna

Social Marketing Strategy And The Performance Of Community Based Organizations (CBOS) Working In HIV And AIDs Sector In Nairobi County

Marketing and commercialization strategies


Robert M. Bosire ,  Ombati O. Thomas , Tom Kongere  and  Richard B. Nyaoga

The Impact Of Outsourcing On Lead Time And Customer Service:A Survey Of Supermarkets In Nairobi

Business process outsourcing


Emmanuel Awuor and Maria Vosloo

A Conceptual Model For Managing Supply Networks For Simultaneous Optimisation In A Complex Adaptive Environment: A Case Of The Floriculture Industry In Kenya

Performance management


Sreekumar Pillai ,  Dr. Wilson P. R.  and Veena Wilson

The role of Advertisements in creating unnecessary wants which lead to development of fads that progressively develop into undesirable traits.

Marketing and commercialization strategies


Patrick Kenyanya ,  Jonathan Onyango , Francis Mamati  and  Robert Maoga

Evaluation of the Influence of the Public Procurement Regulations on Procurement Practices among Secondary Schools in Mosocho Division, Kisii County, Kenya

Public sector management


Isaac Katono

Entrepreneurship in an emerging market context: Barriers to graduate start up in Uganda.



Emma Anyika,Patrick Weke & Thomas Achia

Modeling Cost Of Living In Advocacy For Change In Africa



Brigitte Okonga Wabuyabo

Sustainability of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises: Support by Electricity Sector and Government



Anuradha Khoda and  Christopher A. Moturi

A Framework for Knowledge Management of Wildlife Research in Kenya

Innovation and Knowledge management


Angela Kaguara and Maureen Kaguara

Digital Divide; The Glaring Reality

Innovation and Knowledge management


Florence Muindi & Christopher Sakwa Wangara

A Survey Of Leadership Effectiveness Trade Unions: A Case Of The Kenya Union Of Sugar Plantation And Allied Workers Union



Petro Sauti Magai

Mapping Of Tanzania's Locational Qualities For Participation In Regional And Global Economies



Winnie Nyamute & J.K. Monyoncho Maina

Effect Of Financial Literacy On Personal Financial Management Practices: A Case Study Of Employees Of Finance And Banking Institutions



Nyanzi Sulaiman & Will Kaberuka

The Effect Of Financial Sector Liberalization On Private Financial Savings In Uganda (1980-2007)



Vincent N. Machuki and Evans Aosa

The Influence of the External Environment on the Performance of Publicly Quoted
Companies in Kenya



Timothy M. Kiruhi

Safeguarding Kenya's 'Business Hub' Status




Credit Risk Management and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Kenya

233 Dorothy McCormick and
Jackson Maalu
Innovation Hubs and Small and Medium Enterprises in Africa
Setting the Policy Agenda
234 Dickson Anyango and Dr. Kenneth Wanjau Assessment of the Relationship between ISO 9001 Certification and Performance of
Manufacturing Firms in Nairobi
235 Okwena Kengere David, Okioma Thomas and Erick Nyakundi Onsongo An assessment of the effect of proper book keeping practices on the financial performance
perspectives from small and medium scale business enterprises in Kisii municipality
236 BYM.K. ODIPO, M.K. and S ITATI, A.

Evaluation of Applicability of Altman's Revised Model in Prediction of Financial Distress: A Case of Companies Quoted In the Nairobi Stock Exchange

237 Erick Nyakundi Onsongo

The Effect of Consumer Behaviour on Consumerism among Consumers In Kisii County, Kenya

238 Ruth Wambui Wainaina, Tom Okioma and Erick Nyakundi Onsongo

Investigation of the Influence of Human Resource Policies on Employee Retention in The Petroleum Industry: (A Case Study Of HASS Petroleum, Nairobi, Kenya)


Dr. Margaret a. Oloko and Dr. Martin Ogutu

The Influence of Power Distance on the relationship between Employee Empowerment and Empowerment Outcomes in Multinational Corporations in Kenya  
240 Erastus Thoronjo Muriuki

M-Pesa Utility, Operation And Entrepreneurial Innovations By Small Enterprises In Kenya